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Florence Inspiration

Florence inspiration or the beginning  at the end of a journey towards the Tuscany’s wedding of V&A.
I had the opportunity to travel and visit Siena, Pienza and fall deeply in love with the landscapes of Val D’Orcia, a jewel built by the hand of man in true communion with nature.

I was looking for beauty and I simply found a lot; at the end of my journey there was Florence and the love of this 2 guys.

This picture, Florence inspiration

Now that I’m back in London I can feel on my thought all of the power of the  Florence inspiration.  took this pictures in one of the most inspiring city of my country at the end of August and I came back in UK a week ago since I traveled to my Hometown, Milan, for other work commitments in September and some days off.
Is hard to tell how much i love this image and the feeling that i had with V&A while we were doing their engagement session.
As I said is hard but I’ll take the chance to try to explain to you why.

Tuscany: a new Inspiration

Tuscany symbolized to me a true new wave of inspiration. I already had the opportunity to work and visit these places in the Villa Vignamaggio’s wedding, but i didn’t had the opportunity to travel as much as I did in a few days away from London.
There, travelling towards the Florence’s wedding that I had to tell through my images, I explored  unique places that makes this region a true dream for someone who wants to see one of the most amazing places of my country.
In Tuscany beauty is paramount; then you can hear the word “bello”(beautiful) for a lot of things in order to underline the aesthetic quality of something and I find myself using this word plenty of time.

A Wedding in Florence

A Wedding in Florence was waiting for me and In this travel I took the chance to surprise myself once again of how much beauty surround us in many ways; Tuscany is one of the right place to realize it once again actually in order to find the beginning of inspiration at the end of a journey.
After that end, once back in London the last week, I realized how I began a new journey ispired by what I saw, by the people I met and by my photographs taken for me as well as taken for my clients; It’s all the same there’s no difference for me since in every single picture that I recognize as part of my expression you’ll find me.

This is the beginning of the story and it starts from the end: A wedding in Florence.

My journey in Tuscany

My journey in Tuscany will be revealed in the next weeks on this blog. This is the right space to be in a closer touch with my thoughts.

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