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London Milan Italy destination wedding photography berni photographyLondon and Milan are part of my story to make the most for my destination wedding photography.
Milan represent for me the elegance while London the inspiration. These are two keys point of my work in wedding photography.

I usually try to put inside of my wedding histories both in order to make a unique product, a unique work because I think at the wedding as a story.

The wedding story

My images wants to tell a story. My aim is to  provide to you the best of my vision. I wrote these words because I’m currently sorting out the section of the website called “galleries” where you are able to see the sum up of my stories, the consistent part of my work.
Here I can show you the work made by the guys of Ars Digitalia. they designed my website under my indications following and discussing this project. A great group of people to work with.
Here you are going to read the post published yesterday on my Instagram page. I’ll be back soon at work to differenciate contents on my social accounts and on my website; life here is hectic but I have the will to tell you more deeply how I work.

Berni Photography Instagram

From Berni photography Instagram, my words:

Here it is. A wedding was done in my hometown, Milan. Since I’m living here in London I can comfortably say that I miss Milan but I’m also incredibly happy to be here in one of the most inspiring cities in the world.
London is a big challenge but is also the right challenge in order to keep alive my inspiration.
I worked on the galleries of my website, the wedding galleries. You’ll be able to know a little more about me.
In the next months, you’ll be able to see more works and I’ll take the chance to write more about me.
Here’s one of the most unposed but well-connected pictures that I ever made.
I always thought of love as a long way to make; from time to time, you can smile feeling yourself at the moment.


In this Exactly moment, while I’m writing these words, Is the 2019 and so one yeas has passed. I decided to make this project more consiste nt therefore the story beyond the tags on Berni Photography Instagram feed starts again as a result of my thoughts on the topic.


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