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the entrance of the bride, an emotion for everyone
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There’s always a story beyond the tags and, for every picture that I post on Berni Photography Instagram,there is so much more than the caption that comes with the images themselves.
First of all I like to let the pictures speak by themselves rather then accompanying it with a thousand words.

Telling a love story

Telling a love story with images it’s more than what can you see from an instagram gallery, most noteworthy it the entire world made by people, actions, ceremonies and style choices lay beyond a wedding.

Berni Photography Instagram

The instagram’s feed is just an amazing  way to sum up my work therefore  last year I started to collect all the images published on the Berni Photography Instagram during the week even to tell these the story of those images here, on the pages of my blog.
My will is to go forward with these articles; every moment it’s a small part of a bigger whole and, even in the compositions.

A careful choice

For the reason that a relevant part of my work is to choose carefully which moments deserve to be told I want to share those moments. 
On Berni Photography Instagram consequently you are going to find some of those choices hence part of my vision.

a kiss in the streets of Florence by night
a kiss in the streets of Florence by night

The night in the streets of Florence

If you’re in love it’s easier to hear this, The night in the streets of Florence has its own soundtrack.
I took the picture of V&A after an afternoon spent together in one of the most amazing Italian city.

 breathtaking Tuscany's landscape
breathtaking Tuscany’s landscape

Breathtaking hills

In front of this view I understood entirely the meaning of “Breathtaking”.
Tuscany is magic. I was traveling towards Florence from Siena for a wedding, avoided the motorway therefore< I decided to drive on the state road in order to enjoy the unique landscapes of this region. At some point I just had to stop the car and enjoy this view surrounded by an incredible silence; it was so amazing.

This is Tuscany, Italy

Florence’s evening was mild and the streets were empty, i saw V&A start their own dance and then kiss, they were incredibly happy. There was movement, there was passion.
I wrote more on these amazing places here in this post “Travel in Tuscany”.
Since I started to do destination weddings here I have fallen in love with this place.

a place to stay closer, a couple kissing in their wedding day.
a place to stay closer

Perfect place to stay closer.

These are B&F after their wedding, during the couple of moments that I had to take some intimate pictures of them. On that day of July an amazing sun shined up in the sky, good vibes throughout the day.

Celebrate the love

I will not forget the sensations on that day thanks to amazing guests and an incredible will to stay together in order to celebrate the love of two friends like them, B&F. 
Event planning: @ateliercrespi Venue:@villacaproni

her smile, a bride smiling next to the groom in their intimacy
her smile

The beauty of a candid moment is hard to beat. Here’s V&A close together, happy. Her smile can speak by itself. While I was taking this picture I just recognize a smile of a splendid, liberating, spontaneously strong joy.

A fascinating glow: Florence by night.
a fascinating glow: Florence by night

I Wish to you all one of the amazing night ever to conclude this 2018 and since has been a year full of travels  consequently I wanna do this with Florence.

Florence always on my mind

The magic of that city is always on my mind. It seems like my memories keep in touch with those streets, those places.
The night gives this city a particular fascinating glow to Florence and, as a result,  you can be surprised because of its breathtaking beauty.
May this 2019 would be a good mix of beauty and great discoveries in order to live every moment of our present.

walking together after the ceremony
walking together after the ceremony

Walking together after the ceremony. A kiss in the Breton streets.

A portrait of Tuscany
A portrait of Tuscany

Happy New Year to all of you! A new door is open today.
Here’s Tuscany and I framed only a little part of its beauty. A portrait of Tuscany while I was coming back home in London after the wedding covered near Florence in July

the entrance of the bride, an emotion for everyone
the entrance of the bride

The entrance of the bride, an emotion for everyone. Everytime a surprise, always an unique moment.

A new beginning. Just married.
A new beginning. Just married.

A new beginning. Just married. This is from an amazing wedding in Berkshire.

a wedding flowers passage
a wedding flowers passage

A lovely Wedding flowers passage made to welcome guests

portrait of a Kiss
Portrait of a Kiss

Portrait of a Kiss. Such a moment and a lovely place to do it.

charming and amazing Oxford
charming and amazing Oxford

I visited the amazing Oxford last summer and I saw remarkable places. Most noteworthy was the atmosphere; since these places are full of history and charm consequently you can feel to be part of a sort of a novel.

Pure happiness, pure energy.
pure happiness, pure energy

Pure happiness, pure energy.

Venice and its hidden places
Venice and its hidden places

Venice and its hidden places, full of poetry.

I’ve been there few times and I’ve discovered some intimate streets and I fell in love with the quiet and the timeless atmosphere that you can feel in there.

French car running fast
French car running fast

The most amazing French car was running fast on the Breton streets towards the wedding party. I loved to see proudly waiving the Bretagne’s flag on the car.

Love and passionate kiss bride and groom
love and passionate kiss

Love and passionate kiss, the timeless elegance of these. Does we really need something else? What is more indispensable than this?

That dancing moment, lights on and a wedding party
That dancing moments the wedding party.

That dancing moment, lights on and a wedding party. B, the bride, her smile on her wedding day. After the whole day just good vibes on the dance floor!

charming London
so charming connection

A timeless moment and some romance

One of my favourite place of the city. London knows how to be incredibly romantic, intimate and charming.
A hidden well known charming place, how peculiar is this? London, because of  its contrast its a place to be that bring me new inspirations every day.
Even if I miss the summer season and some destinations in my homeland here I can breath inspiration in every corner i look.

A toast to to all of this love
a toast to to all of this love

All of this love! The new life together, a timeless moment.

Love calls love. Guests on the wedding day, their kiss.
love calls love

Love calls love. Guests on the wedding day, their kiss.

a distinguish wedding reception
a distinguish wedding reception

I loved to see this setup. A note of style, a distinguish wedding reception

Instagram moments Berni Photography instagram destination wedding places Berni Photography
Here’s the first composite of the 2019 of the images published on Berni Photography Instagram.

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