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Instagram grid

“Instagram grid” is a collection of what I have published in the last 7 days on Berni Photography

The strong and constant will to communicate my work deserve a curated post. Those images that are published during the week are the result of days lived close together to an event.

Instagram is an exceptional and direct instrument but I am firmly convinced that my work can’t be only forced by a grid and by a research ruled by hashtags.

This site is always more important to me as it collects my stories in more detail.

The opportunity to meet the reality of an event that must be celebrated to make that day unique in the story of many people it is always a great goal; for me the privilege of returning a story in images is a source of joy and an important commitment.


In this Exactly moment, while I’m writing these words, Is the 2019 and so one yeas has passed. I decided to make this project more consiste nt therefore the story beyond the tags on Berni Photography Instagram feed starts again as a result of my thoughts on the topic.

Instagram grid // This week January 22-28

Usually is said that January is a good starting point for many things and so here is this first “Instagram grid” that contains the images published in the last week.
You will see them scroll, there is no indication on the day of the week but you will find here the publication timeline.



berniphotography instagram collage london based wedding photography Italy United Kingdom
I still can recall the soft wind and the warm Maggiore Lake’s sun at the end of July.
Places of great beauty so close to Switzerland where, before the ceremony, I took the necessary time to feel a great satisfaction in front of this beauty.
Close to water somehow a inner sense of peace that wedding day, I felt that. Always so close to the water I can feel a strong sense of fulfilment, thanks to this view the sense was incredibly strong that day, the wedding day of H+C.


berniphotography instagram collage
H+C walking together after the ceremony, path made in the sun of Maggiore lake at the end of July.


berniphotography instagram collage
Helene and her smile, the gentle sound of the lake close to them, the bright sun of the end of July.
In front of moments like this I know that a picture could take back the memories of part of this magic.


berniphotography instagram collage maggiore lake wedding shoes
Say hello to Jimmy and Choo. A portrait of them. Shoes, details and fashion addicted. I love to find portraits in every single detail.
Stresa, Maggiore lake.

berniphotography instagram collage france wedding destination bretagne vannes mariage

France tu es trop belle, Bretagne tu es un rêve plein de beauté. Les rues de Vannes sont toujours dans mes pensées.
I felt so grateful to follow the amazing wedding of Marion and Adrien. I saw places that spoke to my heart and, again, I felt in love with France and those places.
Bretagne is a discovery made by incredible nature and amazing places full of romanticsm full of beauty.
In my thought there are still those little roads, those characteristic houses.
I felt part of those places, part of the beauty of a journey.


berniphotography instagram collage france wedding destination bretagne vannes mariage
Hand in hand, in their eyes, Marion & Adrien towards the reception along a path in Brittany.
 Bretagne tu es un rêve plein de beauté.
 Vannes, September 2017.
Main dans la main, à leurs yeux, Marion et Adrien vers la réception le long d’un chemin en Bretagne. Bretagne tu es un rêve plein de beauté. Vannes, Septembre 2017


berniphotography instagram collage
H+C immediately after the ceremony, walking close together, with their smiles towards the reception. Another love story kept by the lake on a sunny day at the end of July.
Italy, Maggiore lake.



berniphotography instagram collage ballo danza first dance sposi sposo

Oh my love, Amore mio.
Dance for life, dance for joy, dance for love.
M+A at the end of their ceremony, while a Scottish bagpipe was playing music they started to dance and let free the emotions of the day.
There was his smile while she was dancing with her dress, there was live music and a that bagpipe was playing fast and rhythmic. There was his sight and it was just like a first look at her.
We were in central Italy, the sun was amazing and those places, those people full of joy and music were simply amazing.


berniphotography instagram collage colmegna matrimonio wedding

There was quality time to see them together, H+C in that amazing garden. We were surrounded by the sound of the water of Maggiore Lake and I saw them in a timeless moment…before the party and dances. Silence before music.


berniphotography instagram collage france wedding destination bretagne vannes mariage dance wedding party

t’s party time, it’s groove, it’s love, it’s freedom.
Party time and groovy dances directly from the wedding of M+A.
En France, en Bretagne, ils savent bouger.
Pure joie de vivre.


berniphotography instagram collage maggiore lake wedding perugia Italy Umbria matrimonio

Freeze the action, making this timeless.
the almost kiss of R+C immediately after they have been declared bride and groom.
From UK to Italy in that green land called Umbria.


berniphotography instagram collage Umbria Italy Italia splendida Perugia Assisi Colli Umbri

It’s one of the most amazing places of Italy, it’s the Italian region of Umbria, a place to stay, to feel and breathe.
It is also the place chosen by R+C for their wedding.
A stunning region, a place so close to my heart and my imagination. I once used to go when I was a child and that’s why I love to come back to those places.
There you can get lost in the countryside or be dazzled by the unique beauty of cities like Arezzo or Perugia and much more.











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