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Timeless moments where to find them

Timeless moments: where I find them

Every time, for every client I’m looking for moments that deserve to be defined “timeless”.
I was questioning myself these days while I was structuring the next posts related to my recent trip in Tuscany (You can see the end of the journey here) and my thoughts was almost entirely related to this concept: “timeless moments”.

By thinking at this topic I still recognize photography as one of the most amazing tool to grab a moment from the present and let it always live, but is also true that not every picture have something more than a simple image.

Timeless moments in wedding photography

By looking at the social tzunami of these years Timeless moments in wedding photography could be anywhere; It seems that almost every moment could be tagged as a crazy beautiful #timeless picture. An hashtag trend with the with the diktat of an algorithm.
My personal way goes beyond the great showcase offered by the social media because i do think it’s a matter on how I live the making images process; what I see in those images that build my work is also a part of me, a very personal one. The choice in how I am going to tell a moment involves my taste and vision according to the needs of my clients and the needs of a story that has to be told.
In  my wedding photography I’m always accepting a sort of challenge with me for my clients: tell the story in the perfect way and keep on searching moments that I could recognize as “timeless moments”.
Basically I’m training every day to do this because this is more than a work as I live this work as a journey and so every book I read, every movie I watch and that I decide to remember or that remain in my mind could be the ispiration sparkle for my work.

Main characters on a stage, my imagination

I always consider my clients are main characters on a stage of invisible borders; this is because of my imagination.
I’m going to tell a story where a lot of feeling will be involved; elegant places and choices of style that needs a consistent voice.
This help me to visualize the scene and make images with the will to face the time and find moments that can be defined timeless.

Where to find them: The present moment and its poetry

In the present lies the poetry, my ispiration, my personal “where to find them”.
That’s my starting point in making my images, in seeking the timeless feeling that I wanna find in what I see. When I’m in the moment I can feel the camera as a  useful tool to free my mind.  I’m portraying the reality making it so similar to what in my mind is poetry; at least I’m living this will in order to come out with a “quid” that I’m  aiming to add to my images.
I feel this “timeless feeling” with my camera many times: no thoughts, just me, my subjects and the present moment.
That’s where I can feel the magic in making pictures, in doing this for work.

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