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 Destination wedding photographer

My name is Lorenzo and Berni Photography is my idea of wedding photography.
I came from Milan, Italy, and I’m based in London, U.K. I follow weddings and love stories in London, throughout UK, in Italy and abroad as well. This makes me, as we usually say, a destination wedding photographer.
With my style, ideas and images I’m a storyteller.

Tell about love is always challenging but I like to do this with a vision and the will to make images, choose moments to get  those images that can hold a timeless feeling. Sometimes it’s just to see the actions, the people and the details that characterize the event, sometimes is even more and deeper because is about to create a way to speak about a sentiment.

Photography is an art made to sum up a concept, a person, a dress or a story; according to my profession, beyond the poetic licenses of an “about” page here’s the sum up of what I do. For everything else just write me an email.


My will is to tell stories that will speak about you.
I like to do it with my personal style that I aim to put in every single frame.
Making pictures of timeless moments means this to me, finding what in an image speak by itself.


As a destination wedding photographer I’m focused on weddings and portraiture; my visual stories are a balanced blend of the unposed and the attention to details and to the characters of the event.


I’m based in London and I came from Milan, city of design and fashion;  I’m so influenced by my origins and the style and elegance of my country, Italy.


My logo, Berni Photography, is a little elephant and the meaning behind this choice is the deep relationship that my work has with memory.
My will is bring to you visual memories that will last in time to tell about  love, about joy and moments of intimate beauty.

Kind words

What my customers said

  • Thank you Lorenzo!

    From the moment we visited your website, we felt confident you could immortalise our special day through your creative style.

    At our first meeting we felt comfortable and relaxed in being able to share with you how we envisaged our engagement session and wedding.

    We valued your professionalism, dedication and the passion you put into your work.

    We loved all the attention to details; the access to photos on the website gallery for our guests and friends and the beautiful package delivered to our home.

    We now have beautiful memories forever.

    Matteo & Nikki

    Sydney, Australia

    Wedding on Como Lake, Italy - N&M

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  • Lorenzo Berni is a brilliant photographer who offers a highly professional service and devotes enormous time to his projects, above and beyond expectations. We wanted a documentary-style approach to our wedding, and were keen to find a photographer who could work discretely without holding up the day with formal, posted photographs. Lorenzo was very sensitive to these requirements: he worked a long, hard day (in the July heat) to capture shots of every moment, but he was never invasive or intrusive. The photos are sincere, spontaneous, natural and honest. He has an intuitive sense of framing and balance, and a keen awareness of light.

    Lorenzo was always prompt and efficient in answering questions, and (most importantly) he came from Milan to Chianti to meet us and scout out locations a day before the wedding, so that we all felt confident and relaxed on the Big Day. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish, and a delightful person to have around on such a special occasion. I felt very relaxed (as did all our guests) in his presence, and I realise in retrospect that that is really important on such a personal and private celebration.

    He speaks both Italian and English fluently, and this was essential for an Anglo-Italian wedding. He charmed all our guests!

    Highly recommended.


    London, United Kingdom

    Wedding in Tuscany, Italy - K&F

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  • We found Lorenzo through his previous work online, and we were thrilled that we were able to get to know him - he has become a friend of ours, which has gone to show how great he is! He was nothing but helpful and professional, he made sure to spend time getting to know us before the shoot, we talked on the phone and on Skype and talked about what made us 'us'. On top of this, he spent his time scouting great locations, good lighting and made sure to tell a story through his photography, and not just take pictures. Lorenzo played a big part in our engagement, helping us with the location, the setting and making sure that we were able to capture our moment.



    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Engagement in Positano, Amalfi coast - D&F

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I’m based in London and I work throughout United Kingdom, Italy and abroad. I can’t wait to hear about you and your day. Let me know date and place to send you a customized detailed estimate.