D+F / Positano engagement

This engagement in Positano, this wedding proposal on the absolute lovely Amalfi’s Coast, has been  really amazing.

Telling a love story is a great and challenging deal, this was more true in this little Italian paradise. It was exciting and absolutely wonderful.

Fraser decided to made the proposal to Dustynne in the absolute unique scenario given by  the terrace of “le Sirenuse” hotel. From the top of that terrace you can see the lovely church of the town and you can see the port and the typical houses. I felt the excitement in the gentle breeze of that terrace, I saw the great smile of Dustynne and I heard the emotion in the voice of Fraser.

What a moment.

The next day we moved, in the early hours of the day, in an unique empty Positano; it was just like the little town was  made only for them. The hours passed in a great relaxed way.
We discovered places that makes this little town of Italy so remarkable in the world.

A timeless place for them, a place for such intense moments.

engagement in Positano, a wedding proposal on the lovely Amalfi’s Coast