Lorenzo Berni photography

destination wedding photographer based in London, U.K.

There are some days that are worth more than others, in which is possible to stop, to see the path followed, revisit the experienced emotions and smile of everything has past.

I do believe in the beauty of those days in which you enjoy timeless moments with the ones you love. Your wedding it’s a day full of meanings and emotions.
I hope you to allow me the one that will record those moments to give you back that timeless moments and that energy that you shared with your relatives and with your friends.

I have started taking pictures with the need to recall the precious moments for me, the faces of people and the places that have made and are making this path called life more beautiful, more exciting and interesting.
In the last four years a big part of this path has been made by the couples that i met , by the weddings that I have made. Each one of this brought its own beauty and its own energy in celebrating love.
I strongly believe that there is something extremely powerful and beautiful in the choice of two people that decide to share life together.
That day, your wedding day, it’s something unique, timeless, the starting point of the story of your family.
Why I became a wedding photographer?You can read more about me here.

Building a visual story for me means to pay attention to every single part of the wedding day, from the attention of the getting ready phase to the energy of the reception.

A wedding experience related to you and the people close to you. This one deserve my full attention while you are living and enjoying the moment

I had the fortune and the pleasure to become, in the last four years, a destination wedding photographer in Italy to tell lovely stories of people in love coming from different countries such as Canada, Turkey and U.K.
From weddings in the beauty of Como’s Lake next to my hometown Milano passing through the magic of Tuscany  to arrive in the brilliant Amalfi’s coast.
Every place has its own magic and peculiarity and this makes my country an amazing place in which get married.
Travelling makes me happy, makes me fun. It’s something that i like a lot and I want to do it every year more and more. I love to listen to my music while the plane is flying looking through the window the landscape.
I love music while I’m driving with my thoughts and in front of me the way ahead.
I just can’t let a week pass without listening to Beatles music and i love to play my acoustic guitar in the few free time that i have. It has a great sunburst finish.

Currently I’m a London based photographer, a city which I love the energy and the enthusiasm
I’m available to travel anywhere to be with you.

Happy Clients


Thank you Lorenzo!

From the moment we visited your website, we felt confident you could immortalise our special day through your creative style. At our first meeting we felt comfortable and relaxed in being able to share with you how we envisaged our engagement session and wedding.

We valued your professionalism, dedication and the passion you put into your work.

We loved all the attention to details; the access to photos on the website gallery for our guests and friends and the beautiful package delivered to our home.

We now have beautiful memories forever.

Matteo & Nikki

Sydney, Australia

“ Lorenzo è un bravissimo professionista, capace di metterti a tuo agio prima, dopo e soprattutto durante il servizio fotografico, simpatico, disponibile e sempre professionale. Le sue foto parlano da sole, ho ricevuto i complimenti da tutti, è riuscito a cogliere lo spirito della giornata e quello che volevamo trasmettere e ricordare del giorno del matrimonio. Ha saputo seguirci discretamente ma era sempre lì per cogliere ogni momento importante. Grazie Lorenzo! ”
“ Emozione e professionalità sono le parole che meglio descrivono Lorenzo Berni, che abbiamo avuto il piacere di avere come fotografo al nostro matrimonio. Ha catturato i momenti speciali della nostra giornata e li ha trasformati in fantastiche fotografie con luci e atmosfere da sogno. Lo consigliamo qualunque sia l'evento o il soggetto che vorreste fotografare perché Lorenzo ha la capacità di muoversi tra i diversi stili fotografici (reportage, foto in posa, still life, fashion, ecc...) con estrema grazia e risultati perfetti. ”

Lorenzo Berni is a brilliant photographer who offers a highly professional service and devotes enormous time to his projects, above and beyond expectations. We wanted a documentary-style approach to our wedding, and were keen to find a photographer who could work discretely without holding up the day with formal, posted photographs.  Lorenzo was very sensitive to these requirements: he worked a long, hard day (in the July heat) to capture shots of every moment, but he was never invasive or intrusive.  The photos are sincere, spontaneous, natural and honest.  He has an intuitive sense of framing and balance, and a keen awareness of light.

Lorenzo was always prompt  and efficient in answering questions, and (most importantly) he came from Milan to Chianti to meet us and scout out locations a day before the wedding, so that we all felt confident and relaxed on the Big Day.  He was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish, and a delightful person to have around on such a special occasion.  I felt very relaxed (as did all our guests) in his presence, and I realise in retrospect that that is really important on such a personal and private celebration.

He speaks both Italian and English fluently, and this was essential for an Anglo-Italian wedding.  He charmed all our guests!

Highly recommended.

Kate ”
Nikki Sharp
Nikki Sharp
Sydney, Australia
Giulia LInfozzi
Giulia LInfozzi
Milano, Italy
Anna + Mauro
Anna + Mauro
Milano, Italy
Kate Bolton
Kate Bolton
London, England


  • Yesterday I have taken part at a wedding as a guest. Is not something really usual for me because I usually have the role of the witness of the moments and the beauty of that day with my camera, but yesterday was different.
Yesterday I was at the wedding of my love’s sister and I enjoyed every part of the day with deep pleasure.
These days are so important and  this time I remembered it as a guest. In these crazy days of our era we are running a lot, sometimes more than necessary. We are involved in great projects, in great jobs with a constant social media addiction.
Sometimes it’s good to stop for a while and just enjoy the human touch with people, friends or other person just to remember that real life is made by moments together with families and friends. These are happy moments, right moments to celebrate life and love. //
#happytimes #love #weddingday #humantouch #celebration #guest #italianvilla #life
  • Milano! Nice to be here in these days  beloved home town.
#milano #hometown #castello #castellosforzesco #cyclinglife #italy #milan #sforzesco #lorenzoberni #photographer #thesedays
  • Yesterday was my birthday but I was busy and full of things to do. These days in London are passing so fast and, by looking at the weather, I can't really say that I'm enjoying summer.
Luckily I'll be in Italy for weddings these days. Currently I'm travelling to the airport.
Days full of work, editing but I've enjoyed a lot an afternoon off on Sunday. Me and my love spent some quality time together and finally I saw the @national_gallery .
After a long visit in those corridors we took the chance to take a good beer at the amazing old pub called @lamb_and_flag_coventgarden . Our friends showed this place time ago.
There was a couple together in an amazing afternoon light coming from the old windows. The atmosphere was unique and even the light. 
Even there I thought at the beauty of enjoying moments off, away from the crowd, away from the technology, just for a while.
I do think It's related to my work knowing and enjoying this moments. These keeps me creative and in touch with my will to be more and more connected to a work made by images and moments in time.
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  • The consequences of celebrity.
Yesterday I spent an afternoon off at the @national_gallery finally. We went to see those corridors, that great collection.
We walked almost in every gallery but, at the end, I saw all of this people surrounding the famous painting of Van Gogh "Sunflowers" . 
That is not a painting anymore by my point of view, is a celebrity.
How ironic is life thinking about the great Van Gogh. 
No one wanted his art, now his art is more than a rockstar and anyone want to say"I was there, I have really seen it".
#nationalgallery #london #celebrity #vangogh #lorenzoberni #crowdy #ironic #sunflowers #dayoff #photographerlondon #londonphotography #life #rockstar #flowers #apieceforme #remembering #uk
  • London knows how to be so inspiring and how to let you relax just for a while after a long week of work. 
I have taken the Sunday afternoon off last week and we went to this place.
It's incredible the nature here and the light. 
London's light always surprise me and I love to see many ways in which arrives.
It's always good to take, when it's possible, some hours off and just relax, taking your time to be ready for other busy times.
#london #nature #river #relax #light #dayoff #sunday #busytimes #lorenzoberni #tree #londonlight #londonsun #londonphotographer #londonlife
  • Once in Milan there was the sea. Can't remember exactly when but it has been covered many years ago. We were looking  to the places were ones it used to be but it's really difficult to imagine this panorama with water.
But we tried and we are going to try harder just because there is no limit to imagination.
Once a genius wrote a song called "imagine". That word means a path, a process, a key to change whatever you want to change, a way to see things differently and use your imagination to build new stories.
#sea #milano #milan #hat #hatstories #city #buildings #storytelling #concorsobenedusi 
@settimio_benedusi ti mando questa da vedere visto che spesso il mare lo cerchi anche tu come luogo di rifugio e ispirazione.
  • Her jewels. Feel this on your skin.
A work made for the most talented @petitefraisejewelry for her new collection and her new website.
She's here in London working on her own original handmade creations .
Check her profile and her new website to see all the service.
Back in London today, nice to be here.
Published even on my account as a fashion photographer @scide_photography 
#jewelry #london #photographer #handmade #products
  • What's the meaning of my path, of my journey without the necessary time to enjoy the hidden beauty of every day?
I simply think it's fine to be connected in many ways in this digital era but I also think that sometimes is necessary to stop for a while and realise that we can enjoy some moments without nothing, only by our own. Being disconnected for some time is necessary even only for a few hours to feel the present, to feel a moment without a screen.

I took this picture last year in Sardinia. By looking at this man looking at the sea I felt relaxed and, in some ways, happy. 
The sea it's a real connection with my thoughts, with myself. Is part of me.
#sea #mare #connection #disconnected #sardinia #beauty #fromarchive #throwback #bw
  • She is a great jewel maker, she is @petitefraisejewelry and I made this picture for her new collection. We worked together to get an intense mood that would reflect the deep and sincere research behind this new collection. She usually design and make her own creations inspired by earth, sky and nature.
This picture comes from a little candid moment in our session and it was simply perfect for what we were searching for. Sometimes #serendipity is an essential part of my work and I love it.
#portrait #london #jewels #jewelmaker #candid #serendipityloves #portraitphotographer #maker #londonphotographer #photographer
  • The quiet of city on the days off. 
Every time that I see the city like this I'm always surprised. Sometimes it's surreal but I find it, in  some way beautiful and relaxing. Not very touristic for sure but for some reason intimate.
I like to discover this city in many ways.

#city #cityoflondon #dayoff #quiet