” poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”



My idea of express myself with photography brought me to wedding photography. Here I’m putting my style, my deep love for art and  the biggest satisfaction as a story teller.

Storytelling is the base of my work. I’ve started following the idea that ” poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”

I found all of this in the choice that two people made deciding to share their life together. For me it’s about knowing you to follow in the best way the story of your wedding day, to be at your side in this mighty experience.

By doing this job, I have been, in the last four years, a destination wedding photographer in Italy to tell lovely stories of people in love coming from different countries such as Italy, Canada, Turkey and U.K.

From weddings in the beauty of Como’s Lake next to my hometown Milano passing through the magic of Tuscany  to arrive in the brilliant Amalfi’s coast.

Currently I’m based in London. I’m in deep love with this city and with the U.K.
I’m willing to travel everywhere to follow your story.



  • Every little detail speak about you. Every little detail has got its own meaning just as flowers. Every flower has its story, a story of patience a story of nature. 
#flowers #nature #detail #bride #meaning #hairs #rose #wedding #story #love
  • That kind of details that catch my attention. Her, she is getting ready for the big day. Her little smile on her lips while someone is talking care of her hairs. An unique moment, becoming ready for her groom. 
#mystyle #her #bride #hairs #gettingready #smile #beautiful #wedding #details #lips
  • A room with a view. The bride and the beautiful Island of San Giulio at Orta's lake. 
#bride #gettingready #ortasangiulio #italy #lake #wedding
  • A big commitment for a little man. He is looking at the rings while the bride seems in search of something. A great day is on its way.
#commitment #bride #gettingready #littleman #wedding #rings
  • It's all about a day of pure happiness, an unique day away from everything . A moment for you and for your life, just you, just your love and friends. So precious.
Here's the happiness at the end of a gorgeous Wedding at Como lake. 
#wedding #happiness #unique #justyou #smile #comolake
  • There are always precious details. Taking care of these it's what I love to do. Behind the details there's meaning and a whole story.
#details #story #meaning #bride #gettingready
  • Somehow I would love to have the breakfast here this morning, looking to the hills of Tuscany, lost in the sight of the Sun. This isn't possible right now but I'm happy to say that Berni photography is now definitely based in London. From here I will be able to cover wedding here, in U.K. and, as a destination photographer, in Italy as well as in Europe. Tuscany is one of the most amazing place in the world to follow and live a wedding, those pictures that I made are still on my drives as well as in my memories and heart.
 Booking for 2017 are still open. More is to come with my brand new website.
#tuscany #breakfast #london #weddingplanning #italy #wedding #view #vignamaggio #places #travel
  • Another point of view, an amazing one indeed. This is Tuscany from the lovely balcony of Villa Vignanaggio an amazing place where I followed an incredible British wedding ceremony. Chianti hills are something amazing, it's an unique place of my country and definitely Tuscany is one of the most gorgeous place for a destination wedding in Italy.
Today my view is not this but are the roofs of Crouch End, an amazing area in London where I currently moved. I'm happy to say to all of you that I will be based here. Feel free to get in touch I want to hear from you. Maybe you're going to plan your wedding, maybe you just want to say "hello", I'm here in London, officially. Ready to travel and happy to have found home in a quite nice area of this huge city.
A new site is coming. Meanwhile keep on following me on my social networks 
#tuscany #destinationwedding #vignamaggio #italy #wedding #italia #toscana #panorama
  • Remembering those days in Tuscany in the magic of Villa Vignamaggio near Greve in Chianti.
Tuscany is always amazing and I worked for this charming wedding with a beautiful British style.
Want to come back soon, is still one of my favourite destination wedding that I have ever done.
#tuscany #wedding #destinationwedding #vignamaggio #italy
  • Wedding: oh my god they're doing it for real!
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