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Wedding photographer: why?

Why am I a wedding photographer? I’ve been working in the wedding industry for some time and eventually I’m happy to have built a site that satisfies my personal taste in many ways. So here I am, and I want to start this little personal section of my blog talking about my origins and the question that moves my work: Why? Why am I a professional wedding photographer? Why did I decide to follow this road to live and also to complete myself? It is a difficult question.

The worst mirror is the image that you got of yourself in your mind especially if you are tough with yourself as I am. Before starting to do this job I was a person without a clear idea of who I was. After a while I started to see in my work a better way to know myself,  everything came naturally, but then it was really difficult to manage this feeling when it arrived. Before this job everything in me was blurred, I felt like a blank paper. I really started to think more clearly about my life after months of work with my camera. It was something that brought me back in time living again some wishes and some dreams. When I was young, in the boring classrooms of my school, sometimes I found myself dreaming about stopping the time and move in it as the only person able to do so. Almost 3 years ago started dreaming again, and not because I was taking pictures, but because I found many realities in which I desired to stop the time. I saw true moments of love between people and this made me feel good. I found myself facing the time to keep from it the best and lovely memories. My works started to become important for the memory of a family, my works started to become a way to always look for beauty, not only in the important wedding day of someone, but in everyday’s life. I felt for the very first time the meaning of the greek word “Meraki” which means to put the essence of yourself in what you are doing, in your work

Many parts of my life are still blur, but other parts are sharp and clear and these ones are related to my origins.
My origins are represented by my family. This is probably the only photo of the wedding of my parents. My Dad asked to a friend to take some pictures, it seems that, while he was developping the film, something went wrong and he burned the films out of exposure.  A sad true story.
In this picture my parents are in front of the lovely church of Sant’Ambrogio in Milano. I always look at my Mom surrounded by her students (she’s a retired teacher) while she was trying to quiet them just before the official group shot. I love her pose, it makes everything so natural, and in many ways I find poetry in this. The smile of my Dad is great too, it is the same smile that he always gives me in the sad times to let me find the force to react inside me. These are my roots. These are my origins and in these roots I find my inspirations. I want to face the time bringing from it the best memories, because in love I find reactions and the true nature of this crazy world. We are running so fast, but we need some moments to stop and to remind our best memories so that we can say “hey, this is my story! Maybe it is a difficult one, as many others, but there are lovely moments that I lived, people that I loved from the deepest of my heart and that love me in many ways. I have to remember this”.

Why wedding photographer Berni Photography destination photography marriage matrimonio London Italy United Kingdom destination blog Europe timeless mission blog


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