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Making images of timeless moments

Berni Photography

Destination wedding & Portrait photography

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The beauty of a promise, something precious to be told.

Inside out of time moments bringing with me memories that will speak about you.

The beauty of a promise, something precious to be told.

My Mission

I like seeing in front of me timeless moments and, from these, making images that tell about the infinite beauty of a promise.

I imagine your wedding as a day out of ordinary time, where love and beauty are instants and main characters of your unique story, something precious to be told.

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Available in Italy, United Kingdom, Europe and internationally for destination wedding abroad

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    After a wedding like this I can tell again to myself the power of photography.
Even the simplest gesture could hold an entire wish, an entire day, a promise and faith.
This is what keeps me going on in defining more and more my wedding photography.
An attention to little gestures, an attention to the story that a day like that hold. 
In my wedding photography I’m looking for moments that needs a voice, my choice my frame. Everything to enhance the moment, what is really precious, what really makes a difference.
More and more, here in London and by travelling, i see the importance time itself and the choice that we make to live what we want.
These are part of what I want to bring with my photography.
Wedding portraiture could be be interpreted in many ways, I can’t stop to experimenting. I love hands together, the meaning behind this. Being at the beginning of a road together needs complicity, needs love, facing this hand by hand is the perfect way to do it.
Dopo un matrimonio come questo posso ancora rendermi conto dello splendido potere della fotografia.
Anche il gesto più semplice può esprimere un desiderio, può raccontare un giorno intero, una promessa e la fiducia.
Queste sono ragioni valide per me per definire e sviluppare sempre di più la mia fotografia di matrimonio.
L’attenzione ai piccoli gesti, l’attenzione alla storia che un evento come il matrimonio trattiene.
Nella mia fotografia di matrimonio cerco di dar voce ai momenti, alla mia scelta, alle mie inquadraturea. Tutto questo per esaltare il momento, questo sì davvero prezioso, questo valido nel fare la differenza.
Sempre di più, qui a Londra come nei miei viaggi, vedo e comprendo l’importanza del tempor stesso e delle scelte che compiamo nel vivere ciò che desideriamo.
Quest’attenzione fa parte di me, è quello che voglio portare nella mia fotografia.
Ritrarre coppie ad un matrimonio può essere fatto in molti modi ed io non posso fermarmi nello sperimentare, nell’andare, alle volte, all’essenza.
Nel percorrere una strada insieme c’è bisogno di complicità, di amore e affrontare questa mano nella mano è la maniera migliore per godersi la strada. V&F, Italy
handbyhand #love #portrait #bride #groomIt’s always good to find a place to stand in front to each other, take a breath and feel the moment. 
V&F on their wedding day, close together, in the moment.
#bride #groom #ltaly #weddingday #loveWhen your wedding dress is provided by @dolcegabbana it’s time to let the spring dance around you. The bride’s dance.
#dance #dolceandgabbanabride #weddingdress #spring #firstdance #weddinginitaly #bridestyle #madeinitaly #weddingdanceThere are places in Italy where is always my biggest pleasure to come back.
Sometimes for for work, sometimes for pleasure Como Lake is always a perfect choice.
In the sunny days it always surprise me because of the feelings that those panoramas manages to unleash.
Here I felt and incredible sense of beauty.
In Italia ci sono luoghi dove è per me sempre un grande tornare.
Che sia per per lavoro o per piacere il lago di Como è sempre stata un ottima scelta.
Nei giorni di sole riesce sempre a sorprendermi per le emozioni che quei luoghi sanno liberare, per l’incredibile senso di bellezza che sanno trasmettere.
#italy #lakes #comolake #weddingseason #weddingitalySoon off to Italy 🇮🇹 for the beginning of this wedding season 2018.
Can’t wait and I still have in my mind the landscapes, the places and the romance, the love that you can breathe in Italy. 
Good vibes indeed.
#love #weddingseason #kiss #silhouette #bride #groom #italy #umbriaNew blog post on my website!
Hats of Britain is just a little part of my British Wedding portfolio. Is because of my love with details and style that I’m coming out with these pictures in these days.
On my website.
Cappelli in Gran Bretagna, soggetti di queste immagini, sono solo una piccola parte del mio portfolio relativo ai matrimoni seguiti qui in Gran Bretagna.
Il mio amore e la mia attenzione ai dettagli mi porta a presentare per prime queste fotografie.
Sul mio sito l’articolo in Italiano.

#hats #ukweddingphotographer #royalweddingstyle #weddingdetails #britishstyle #destinationweddingphotographerIf you’re attending as a guest at  a British Wedding, a Royal one or not, don’t forget your hat. 
A sneak peek of my tomorrow’s post “Hats of Britain” part of my British Wedding portfolio. For sure an unusual part but based on a genuine storytelling will.
Se partecipi come ospite a un matrimonio britannico, che sia reale o no, non dimenticarti il cappello.
Una piccola anteprima del mio post di domani “Hats of Britain” ossia di una piccola parte del mio British Wedding Portfolio.
Sicuramente una parte non del tutto canonica ma basata sulla mia volontà di raccontare una storia anche nei suoi dettagli.

#RoyalWedding #hats #eyes #portrait #weddingdayThe bride, her grace.
Here in UK at the moment it seems that all the country is speaking about the Royal Wedding that is going to be celebrate tomorrow. 
While everyone are thinking at that wedding I thought at the importance of an event like this, like the Wedding day and that’s why I’m posting this picture today.
I think that the beauty of a day like that  has to be found in the dimension of time that is able to give to everyone. For every couple, their parents and friends, the ordinary time of everyday life stops: Everyone is ready to remember that day because they feel the importance of the celebration, they can feel the difference of a moment like that and celebrate it.
This is, by my personal point of view, the beauty of the Wedding day. 
In these hectic times is the time the most important treasure.
In a day like the Wedding day every moments has an importance, every moment required attention, every moment has a meaning. I really believe that the is something great beyond this.
About the picture:
When I have the opportunity to work with other vendors in the industry my aim is to find a theme, something that could inspire us all and an idea that could be used as a guideline for the shooting. I like to put the meaning in the things that I do, it’s a real creative process that I love to show in my work. 
Published times ago on @weddingwonderlandblog 
Wedding dress @matthangorimilano 
Set design
Model @angela_peruffo //
#royalwedding #bride #grace #weddingdress #celebrationPositano, from the sea. You’re always on my mind little jewel.
Since I’ve been there I know what takes a lot of couples there to get marry or to have their engagement: your unique beauty. There’s no place like Positano in the world.
This is an outtake from an amazing engagement session published on @italianstyleweddings //
#positano #sea #italy #amalficoast #landscapeLose yourself to dance.
#italywedding #italyweddingphotographer #dance #belovedstories #loveislove
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