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Making images of timeless moments

Berni Photography

Destination wedding & Portrait photography

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The beauty of a promise, something precious to be told.

Inside out of time moments bringing with me memories that will speak about you.

The beauty of a promise, something precious to be told.

My Mission

I like seeing in front of me timeless moments and, from these, making images that tell about the infinite beauty of a promise.

I imagine your wedding as a day out of ordinary time, where love and beauty are instants and main characters of your unique story, something precious to be told.

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Available in Italy, United Kingdom, Europe and internationally for destination wedding abroad

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    Leaving Italy today back in London. As always I’ve got a lot of beauty in my eyes and I’m trying to tell at least a part of this with my pictures. Every time that I’m back for weddings I’m surprised about the absolute beauty of my country, the treasures, the stories and the traditions owned by Italy. The differences owned by my country makes every place different from the other. Is unique.
I’m feeling lucky to have the opportunity to discover again and again my Italy, I take it as a side effect of my London’s life.
With that city, London, it happens almost the same, an endless discovery of beauty and differences in a city that teach to the world how differences are a treasure and origin of inspiration and creativity.
#italy #weddingphotographer #landscape #italia #comolake #destinationwedding #path #photographer #berniphotography #londoner #londonphotographer #varenna #lagodicomo #italianlakes #diary #mythoughts #unique #destinationweddingsIt’s a new way to make our path together. It’s the right time, it’s our time. B&F
Wed dress and planning: @ateliercrespi 
Flowers: @apiedinudinelprato //
#fineartwedding #weddingstyle #uniquebride #wedphotoinspiration #brides #curiosity #destinationwedding #berniphotographyBeatrice after the ceremony looking curiosly at the reception place.
Everything made at @villacaproni , wedding dress and planning by @ateliercrespi , flowers by @apiedinudinelprato .
#fineartwedding #weddingstyle #uniquebride #wedphotoinspiration #brides #curiosity #destinationwedding #berniphotographyGetting lost cold be nice because it’s the opportunity to find a road to walk together.
7 days ago the wedding of B&F
Perdersi può essere bellissimo perché può essere l’occasione giusta per trovare la strada da percorrere insieme.
7 giorni fa il matrimonio di B&F
Wp and wedding dress @ateliercrespi 
Flowers @apiedinudinelprato 
Venue @villacaproni //
#walking #together #weddingday #weddingdress #road #ourpath #bride #groom #destinationwedding #berniphotographyThat atmosphere that makes a moment unique, that makes it timeless. Tell about those moments is what I do.
B&F on their wedding day, 7 days ago.
Quell’atmosfera che rende un momento unico, che lo rende senza tempo. Quello che faccio è raccontare quei momenti.
B&F il giorno del loro matrimonio, 7 giorni fa
Wp and wedding dress @ateliercrespi 
Venue @villacaproni 
Flowers @apiedinudinelprato //
#weddingday #athmosphere #storytelling #destinationwedding #italy #berniphotography #love #bride #groom #couplesessionAnother one from the new blog post where you’ll find a place that is pure inspiration for me because of its beauty, because of the poetry that you can breathe there. Como’s lake is a place full of treasures. I like to write more about my pictures even if my storytelling is visual; this time I took my time to describe the feelings that I had in a place like this.
Link in bio to my blog
Un altra immagine tratta dal nuovo articolo sul blog dove troverete un luogo che si è rivelato di pura ispirazione per me, per la sua bellezza e per la poesia che aleggia in quei luoghi. Sebbene il mio raccontare storie sia visivo amo talvolta legare alle immagini i miei pensieri e le sensazioni avute mentre scattavo.
Il link nella bio qui in alto.
#varenna #italy #comolake #villamonastero #italianlake #italianlakeswedding #destinationitaly #lagodicomo #breathtaking #storytelling #storyteller #visualstorytellingTime for an article on my website. After the wedding day of the last week I came back to the lake, Como’s Lake, to see one of my favourite place called Varenna. From the garden of Villa Monastero I took this picture.
On my website you’ll see all the pictures of that day.
Cercavo di trovare il modo di tornare a scrivere sul mio blog e l’ho fatto oggi con le immagini di un posto a me molto caro. Ho colto l’occasione, dopo il matrimonio di settimana scorsa, di ricaricarmi qui, prima del ritorno alla frenesia delle giornate Londinesi.
Sul mio sito tutte le immagini.
#comolake #varenna #italy #italylake #destinationwedding #villamonasteroA very peculiar place, a place that I explored after an amazing wedding in Italy done the last week.
This is only a little part of the beauty of Varenna on Como lake. If you are going on Como Lake take your time to visit this amazing place , timeless and breathtaking.
Italian lakes can also surprise you for the peculiarity of the light.
Soon on my website the description of this place with my words and pictures.
#lakes #Varenna #lagoComo #villa #italyWalking in the beauty of the Italian landscape. A smile surrounded by the view of the lake.
Lakes in Italy are so amazing and be next to the water is always so romantic.
#lakes #smile #Italy #weddingday #walking #bride #groom #romantic #italianlakesThe bridal dance.
The bride’s movements.
The great way to celebrate the wedding day, the wedding dress and all of those moments.
#dance #bride #bridaldance #weddingday #weddingdress
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