” poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”



My idea of express myself with photography brought me to wedding photography. Here I’m putting my style, my deep love for art and  the biggest satisfaction as a story teller.

Storytelling is the base of my work. I’ve started following the idea that ” poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”

I found all of this in the choice that two people made deciding to share their life together. For me it’s about knowing you to follow in the best way the story of your wedding day, to be at your side in this mighty experience.

By doing this job, I have been, in the last four years, a destination wedding photographer in Italy to tell lovely stories of people in love coming from different countries such as Italy, Canada, Turkey and U.K.

From weddings in the beauty of Como’s Lake next to my hometown Milano passing through the magic of Tuscany  to arrive in the brilliant Amalfi’s coast.

Currently I’m based in London. I’m in deep love with this city and with the U.K.
I’m willing to travel everywhere to follow your story.



  • Her style, her grace and the thoughts in an unique day.
Stresa, Italy.
Wedding planner @princess_wedd 
Flowers @saracattaneolab 
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  • Then it comes the sunset after a day full of excitement, full of energy.
It’s something easy, two people, one love and friends to celebrate with the will of spend together an important day.
From my point of view as witness with my camera of all this moments is every year more beautiful. In this digital era is more important than ever to find opportunities to stay together surrounded by the people that we love. It’s freedom in our time, it means time for something important.
I simply can’t forget the amazing day in Bologna for the wedding of C&E, I can’t forget those vibes and this sunset at the end of a timeless wedding day and that swing, its movement, and the sense of freedom by looking at it.
#swing #sunset #weddingday #bologna #italy #vibes #freedom
  • It's all about a moment together, it's all about a kiss in a day to remember. 
Following the wedding day a candid picture of a true moment is something that always makes my day. #candid 
#kiss #together #bride #groom #destinationwedding #italy #wedding #love
  • It's Saturday, a perfect day to be close together.
#love #together #close #Saturday #sea
  • When you are surrounded by friends, when all eyes are on you and your love. It's simply beautiful, it's simply magic. It's a promise, it's a milestone, a moment of happiness.
#happiness #love #celebrate #friends #milestone #promise #reception
  • Our love and this place for us together. Positano, Italy.
#positano #engagement #together #italy #love #us
  • It's magic, it's love and beauty: Positano! Your  narrow streets are full of beautiful  and hidden details.
A place where I saw the energy of love of these two lovely guys. 
I was wondering how many love stories could tell the sea in front of this Italian treasure. For me it was so important to tell this unique story.
Another important detail of these pictures ?Vespa! Another Italian jewel and for sure the best way to travel  on the Amalfi's coast streets 😃#positano #engagement #love #vespa #detail #together #italy
  • A new ring but the same will to stay together. A proposal made in front of the deep blue sea of Positano, a proposal of deep love.
#love #ring #engagement #sea #positano #italy #positanocoast
  • Sunday in London. Time for relax, time for love. Time to stay close to each other.
Not many Sundays ago these lovely two in an engagement session in the streets of the city.
I found in St. Paul and it's majestic a perfect place with the right feeling.
#engagement #londonengagement #stpaul #sunday #love #intimacy
  • Saturday, a perfect day for a kiss. 
#kiss #loveauthentic #bw #perfectday #intimacy #love