” poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”



My idea of express myself with photography brought me to wedding photography. Here I’m putting my style, my deep love for art and  the biggest satisfaction as a story teller.

Storytelling is the base of my work. I’ve started following the idea that ” poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”

I found all of this in the choice that two people made deciding to share their life together. For me it’s about knowing you to follow in the best way the story of your wedding day, to be at your side in this mighty experience.

By doing this job, I have been, in the last four years, a destination wedding photographer in Italy to tell lovely stories of people in love coming from different countries such as Italy, Canada, Turkey and U.K.

From weddings in the beauty of Como’s Lake next to my hometown Milano passing through the magic of Tuscany  to arrive in the brilliant Amalfi’s coast.

Currently I’m based in London. I’m in deep love with this city and with the U.K.
I’m willing to travel everywhere to follow your story.



  • Cake cutting on the lake surrounded by friends And...water! The sound of the water of the amazing Como lake.
What a moment and what a kiss!
#comolake #wedding #kiss #love #cakecutting #friends #destinationwedding #fineartwedding #italy
  • She's looking at the big day in front of her. Getting ready in places like this, a moment of silence and relax before the big ceremony. A moment for her, something private, something precious.
#gettingready #painting #bride #lights #wedding #precious #moment #destinationwedding
  • Some details that I need to tell. Wedding dress it's always an important choice and I'm always fascinated by the work behind such an important dress.
@couturehayezatelier wedding dress
#weddingdress #bride #details #couture #hairs  #bride
  • Inspiration comes from great places. I've felt my curiosity so close to me in those days at Pompeii. It seems that I was not the only one.
#pompeii #tourist #curiosity #italy #travel #ruins
  • The Pompeii inspiration. Another picture of this place so inspiring. An Italian heritage full of history and art. You can feel inspired by your travels and this happens so many times to me, but, in a place like that s, inspiration was stronger than ever.
#italy #inspiration #inspire #places #travel #pompeiitaly #pompeii #heritage #italy
  • Places in which I found new energies and a deep inspiration. This is Pompeii, and you can read more about it on my blog. By taking inspiration from places like this  I'm feeling my photography close to my ideas. The beauty and the consistency of a place like this is simply amazing. Want to come back as soon as possible.
#travel #inspiration #pompeii #italy
  • Our hands. Our secret. Our promise.
Simply as usual in love with details. These makes a story greater. Details. The hands of the bride and the groom, their promise, their love.
#love #details #hands #promise #wedding
  • A matter of style while ancient times are observing us.
#bride #portrait #style
  • Her style, this flowers. This is the time to getting ready , this is the moment to become a bride.

#flowers #bride #gettingready #her #love #wedding
  • Spring is coming as the weekend and there are places in which is possible to lay down on the grass, relax and just enjoy what surrounds you. 
In many weddings I see those moments so precious in our times of hard work for everyone. There are times in which is good to enjoy the present and looking from a good spot at what surrounds you.
I'm definitely looking forward to see spring in London this year, I just can't wait.
#preciousmoments #precious #panorama #weddingguest #relaxing